Friday, January 02, 2009

NFL Picks, Wild Card Weekend

Last Week: 13-3
Regular Season Total: 165-90-1

32 NFL teams have narrowed themselves down to 12. Eight teams play this weekend in the first round of the NFL playoffs. This means there are only four games to pick. Two of the last three Super Bowl winners came out of this round, so it is not a given that this week’s survivors will be plastered next week. This is the NFL, so anything can happen. The better games are definitely in the AFC. The NFC games will be good for naps or chores.

Indianapolis at San Diego: The two hottest teams in the league meet in a rematch of last year’s divisional round game won by the Chargers. The Colts have won eight in a row to finish 12-4. The Chargers were once 4-8, but got hot in December to finish 8-8 and win the AFC West. The way both teams have been playing, it’s too bad someone has to lose this game. The Colts are way too good. Pick: Colts

Baltimore at Miami: Last year, both teams stunk. Miami really stunk, going 1-15, with their only win coming over the Ravens in overtime. Turn the clock to this year, where both teams have impressed many by making the playoffs. The Dolphins were especially impressive, going from 1-15 to 11-5. The Ravens have already won once in Miami this season. The Dolphins have had a great run, but it ends Sunday in Miami. Pick: Baltimore

Atlanta at Arizona: The Falcons went from zeroes to heroes this season by going 11-5 behind rookie QB Matt Ryan. The Cardinals are hosting their first playoff game since they were known as the Chicago Cardinals. They won the awful NFC West almost by default. The Falcons are a better team than the Cardinals, especially after the Cardinals cruised after clinching the division early. Pick: Atlanta

Philadelphia at Minnesota: The Eagles embarrassed the Dallas Cowboys last week, bringing great joy to Cowboy haters everywhere by knocking them out of the playoffs in grand style. The Vikings are a dangerous team at home. Can they make the home dome advantage work for them? Sure. Pick: Minnesota


Zee said...

0-2 so far. I'm in PHX now and it was exciting to see the Cards win at home in their first playoff home game in AZ. Also, the OSU and UT fans are pouring in. Especially at the hotel I'm staying at.

The Nike something or other girls' basketball tourney was here until yesterday so this place is jumpin'!

John said...

I was surprised the Cardinals came through, but they basically had the last three weeks off since they had the division clinched. I love Kurt Warner.

Here's hoping TOSU pulls the upset Monday night!

Zee said...

Your predictions were about as right on as the TV peoples, so good job! ;) People were excited in the PHX airport when Philly won (meant they didn't have to play the Giants yet).

As for TOSU and UT ... I'm torn. I think I'll just ignore the game and not have to worry about it. ;)

Zee said...

So I listened to part of the game on ESPN radio, which was a joke -- Coach Fran was the color man ... lol! I got home and watched the Longhorns pull ahead so I thought it was over. Turned it off and went to bed ... then my brother texts me and says, "That was a great ending!" I missed it. :( Dang it. I hope OU's game is a good one too. And I hope that OU wins and causes all sorts of controversy about the BCS and someone kills it. :D