Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Message Board Thread Of The Day

A screen shot during the CBS broadcast of Monday night's Kansas-Memphis national championship game caught none other than Hall of Fame coach Roy Williams sitting in the Kansas section with a KU sticker on his shirt. Williams just happens to be the coach at North Carolina. His Tar Heels were thumped Saturday night by those same Jayhawks. Roy coached at KU for 15 years before moving back home to Carolina in 2003.

The natives in Carolina are restless. Many look at this as an act of sacrilege, as if Williams wants to go back to KU. The leading UNC message board, Inside Carolina, currently has a 19 page thread debating the idea of Williams taking on the KU colors for one more night:

Roy Williams

There is a long-running rivalry between fans of Kansas and North Carolina. They have a history of sharing coaches. UNC legend Dean Smith played at Kansas. KU national championship coach Larry Brown played for Smith at UNC. Former Smith assistant Williams graduated from UNC and coached at both KU and UNC. KU fans would like to take the credit for UNC's success. The truth is, Frank McGuire was winning games at UNC before Dean Smith got there. Likewise, KU was winning games before they got coaches from UNC.

This year, though, KU has scoreboard on Carolina.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Rock Chalk Jayhawk

The Kansas Jayhawks completed a comeback for the ages to win the national championship a few moments ago. Memphis had a nine-point lead over the Jayhawks with 2:12 left in regulation. Kansas took advantage of a ton of missed Memphis free throws to get back in the game and finish it off in overtime, 75-69.

An age-old maxim of basketball proved itself true once again: the team that makes free throws wins games.

The Jayhawks win their third national championship, and their first in twenty years.

Bill Self is about to be an even richer man. At worst, KU will pony up to give him a substantial raise. And, Boone Pickens will try to break the bank to bring him back home to Stillwater.

This is the first men's basketball national championship for the Big 12 Conference. KU's last national championship was won as part of the Big 8.

As I type, CBS is about to play "One Shining Moment". That song symbolizes the end of winter and of basketball season. Once that song signs off, it is officially spring. Time for NBA post-season and baseball...