Wednesday, June 13, 2007


It's summer. It's offseason. I'm busy at work. I'm busy at home. My creative juices are gone. I'm tired.

I'm taking a one-week sabbatical from blogging. That is, unless something catches my eye, and I feel like blogging about it.

After then, the Spurs will have a fourth championship, there'll be more ugly uniforms, more message boards, and maybe even some football talk. After all, NFL training camps start next month! Don't forget to sign up for Yahoo Fantasy Football! Leagues are starting now.

Until then, I'm in drydock. Best to all in blogland....

Sunday, June 10, 2007

MySpace Sports

This is interesting: MySpace and Scout Are Getting Married

I wrote last week about the meltdown of the network known as Apparently, they are in the process of merging with Both entities are owned by the News Corporation, owner of the Fox network.

I have a MySpace account. I don't do much with it, and I don't go there that often. I do get many random friend requests there from twenty-something young women, often looking for love in all the wrong places. It is obviously spam, as my wife is in my profile picture with me. They definitely don't know me. I put the "Deny" button to good use in those cases.

This is synergy with Fox attitude. Now, I can go to a site for my favorite team, or for a team I don't even care about, and receive friend requests from random women all over the world. That's what the Internet is all about. Yeah, right. Fox can laugh all the way to the bank, if Scout doesn't blow up first.

Actually, the comment from the great Brian Bishop, publisher of OU Insider, is more accurate: "Imagine that -- you'll now be crossing paths with your fourth grader as you visit your favorite team site. That's not exactly the affiliation we wanted when we signed on with Scout."

Once again, if you're an OU fan, and you're looking for the best independent source for OU information, go to OU Insider.

Ugly Uniform of the Day

Wyoming has some redeeming qualities. It has lots of wide open spaces, lots of pastures and mountains, and fewer people than the city of Fort Worth. It is a place where the Wild West still exists.

There is only one university in the entire state: the University of Wyoming in Laramie. There is no Wyoming State, Wyoming Tech, or Wyoming A&M. Nor is there a Northwestern Wyoming State University, or a Dick Cheney State University.

The Cowboys have some ugly colors: brown and gold. For their sake, I wish they didn't have colors that looked like the land.

These football uniforms are just plain ugly. Sports Illustrated recently gave them a ranking of the second ugliest uniform in college football, right behind Oregon. If they played a home game in the mud, we'd barely know it, because the mud would blend right in with the uniform.

The good people of Wyoming deserve better.